Direct Messages

Send a text only direct message

$dms = $twitter->directMessages();

$dm = (new \Coderjerk\BirdElephant\Compose\DirectMessage)->text('Hello Buddy');


Send a direct message with a media attachment

Send a DM with image to a named user - this is limited to one image only per message, see the Twitter docs for more about the limitations.

$media = $dms->upload('./img/dth.jpg');

$text = 'Hi Dan, Bird Elephant has improved my life immeasurably. My interpersonal relationships are more fulfilling, my boss has given me a raise and my hair is thickening. I cannot wait to sponsor your project for a large sum of money.';

$message = (new \Coderjerk\BirdElephant\Compose\DirectMessage)->text($text)

$dm = $dms->message($message)->sendTo('coderjerk');

$conversation_id = $dm->data->dm_conversation_id;

$dm in this example will return a data object which contains dm_conversation_id and dm_event_id. You might want to store the conversation id to keep the conversation going using the addToConversation() method below, for example.

Start a new group conversation with named participants.

With an attachment in this example.

    $dms = $twitter->directMessages();

    $media = $dms->upload('./img/chris.png');

    $text = 'Hello To all of My Dear Friends, I solemnly pledge not to use this functionality for crypto spamming';

    $message = (new \Coderjerk\BirdElephant\Compose\DirectMessage)->text($text)->attachments($media->media_id_string);

    $participants = [


Add a message to an existing conversation.

use a conversation id to add further messages.

$text = 'While I respect your opinion, Bata Ilic is a far greater artist than Stefan Mross and anyone who believes otherwise needs to get their ears drained.';
$dm = (new \Coderjerk\BirdElephant\Compose\DirectMessage)->text($text);

Retrieve an existing dm conversation by id

$dms = $twitter->directMessages()->conversations()->find($conversation_id);

Retrieve dm conversations with a named user

 $dms = $twitter->directMessages()->conversations()->with('spanish__eddie');

Retrieve all dm conversation events for the authenticated user

 $dms = $twitter->directMessages()->conversations()->events();
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